Receiving Business Calls Whilst You Are Out

new-frontier customer online servicesIf you are a small business owner, one of your biggest problems, if you do not have a receptionist, is losing business because you need to be out of the office and so cannot answer the phone when other potential clients call. If you have a receptionist on the other hand, you may not lose that business but would it be enough extra business to pay that receptionist’s wages? There is a way though that you can have the best of both worlds, the ability to have the phone answered whilst you are out, without the expense of a full time receptionist. That way is to hire a professional phone answering service. These services are manned by people that have been specifically trained in how to be courteous when answering the phone and so will in no way allow callers to get a bad impression of your business by the way they are responded to by the service’s personal.

In fact, having someone available to answer the phone in a swift and efficient manner will give any caller a good, professional impression of your business. You do not even have to limit the answering service to answering calls only during your usual working hours, you can have them answer calls 24 hours a day if you think that it may help you gain more clients. What arrangement you make with the answering service is entirely up to you as they will work a plan to your own personal needs and then of course, charge accordingly. These services though are certainly cheaper than it would be to hire your own receptionist and besides, it is the answering service that will have to deal with any staff problems and not you, you will be free to go about your more profitable business.

Depending on what business you are in, when you are not in the office, you could be almost anywhere but the answering service can still transfer any messages to you via your cell phone or any other way that you may dictate to them. Armed with your own personalized answering service, you can more freely go about your business or even perhaps take some personal time off, confidently knowing that you will not lose any business by doing so. If you so wish you can even arrange for the answering service to keep your calendar, making business appointments on your behalf. This would allow you to more effectively plan your day and ensure that you had time for the really important matters whatever they may be.

Hiring a professional answering service can therefore not only help your business by you not having to hire a receptionist and yet still have all your calls answered but it may not even cost you anything to try as many of the answering services offer free trials so that you can see just how efficient and effective they are and just how much they can improve your business.