Get Paid For Your Digital Artwork Online

new-frontier digital artIf you’re an artist and have some creations that you want to sell, you may want to convert your art into digital format and then have them sold on the internet. Basically, online, it would be possible for you to reach many locals and also even foreigners. As you well know, if you’d be able to successfully sell online to those who are abroad, you may truly gain a lot of money since typically some places have currencies that have high value. Plus, there are many image hosting sites where you could post your work on the internet so you should really convert your printed works of art into digital files so that they can be distributed. So how do you manage to do that? If you’re eager to have your printed art converted to intangible files so that they could be bought and distributed easily, please read on.

To have your work on paper become available as digital files, you should have a scanner. Basically, it’s the type of machine that functions as a photo copier. After placing things on one and then pressing the scan button, it would be possible for you to immediately have items sent to your computer. To have a scanner, you should just go to a computer shop and then ask for one. You don’t necessarily have to pay for the product that is pricey. You can just choose to buy the kind that can let you create clear copies of your work in high definition digital format.

Aside from having a scanning device, you should also have a photo editor available. Although you’d scan colored copies of your printed artwork, you have to understand that you may want to refine your creations digitally. Using a photo editor, it would be possible for you to enhance the colors and shapes of things in the pictures that you’ve made so you should definitely have one available. To use one, you should do some research first. There are products that are now for sale and there are also items that can be downloaded for free. Free editors aren’t necessarily weaker since they’re also equipped with nice features and some of the most expensive ones are actually very difficult to use. To be directed to information that may help you decide which to select for your PC, you could try looking for “photoshopfree” online. It’s that or you could visit review pages that have valuable articles about photo editors that can be used. What’s also important is that you buy only those that you can use to apply watermark on your photo or meta data so that you could make your works marked and therefore protected from copyright infringement.

Once you’ve already converted your files to digital files like JPEG, PNG or RAW, you should then look for platforms on the web where it would be possible for you to display your creations and then indicate your prices for them. Today, there are popular websites like DeviantArt, Esty and PayLoadz that you can use. But, aside from getting your work distributed and receiving payment, make sure that you keep track of your customers so that you’d be sure that none of them have pirated your creations or illegally distributed your works.